Luckily it’s Lucky Ali: The man whose music was ahead of its time.

Just writing this with the lyrics in my mind “Hmmmmm, shaam-sawere teri yaadein aati hain …..”
He is an artist who always portrayed and respected his art over any materialistic thing. Maqsood Mahmood Ali(born 19 September 1958), known as Lucky Ali, is an Indian singer, songwriter, and actor. He comes from a family who contributed so much to the film industry. Mehmood Ali, his father, and nephew of Meena Kumari, is still an inspiration for young actors for their craftwork. After getting rejected by so many music labels finally, BMG CRESCENDO agreed to publish his album with the condition that the music video production would be taken part in shape after the response of his first few songs. Until then, he has to do it all by himself. His first album took four long years. Which was named “SUNOH” in 1996, and the famous track “O Sanam ” was part of it.
We can easily predict its craze just by the fact that at that time, more than 10 million copies were sold. He came into the mainstream after the song “Ek Pal Ka Jeena” in the film “Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai” and was awarded Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer’. You can easily judge his dedication to art that he never watched the film and said, “His songs are sometimes shown with different perspectives and situations in the films.” But my motive for writing this blog is not to count his achievements or tell you how great he is or statistical facts about him. You can find that on Wikipedia also. The motive is to deep dive into his thought process and know him better as a person. He is the one who experienced both peak of fame and the ordinary simple life which he is currently living, but in both the phases, you will see only one thing constant “a peaceful and satisfied smile on his face.” I think this is because when you put your soul into the art, your satisfaction always becomes the priority, and things like popularity, fame, limelight, etc., becomes secondary. In his recent interviews, he said,

“I’m a farmer, and I take that very seriously Farming is an (food) for me. Music about journeys, singing, and sharing your songs,”

which again shows how strong his basics of life are.
Further, when asked why he is not working with Bollywood or other platforms, he added, “Bollywood is about quantity than quality. This industry makes you a prostitute. It pushes you to work more and restricts your creativity as an artist.”

Which is a kind of great learning that, at some point of time, we all need time for things which is essential to us, a peaceful part where you are not working to prove anything to anyone. Lastly want to conclude this, with the piece of advice the man himself gave.



Thank you for your contribution to indie-pop culture
I think the biggest compliment an artist can get is “His music and work were ahead of their time.

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