No More Dream

Roundabouts, whereabouts,
Dumbfounded with doubts
Yet stern and stout
My mind being a mystic place,
I had no way out.
Amongst the silence was a cacophonical shout
Thoughts haphazardly taking the wrong routes
Trying to figure out a perfect layout
I dribbled forward as if a scout
Relentlessly surging my speed throughout
But then there it was –
The whistle for the Final Timeout
Little did I envisage
That it was all just a silhouette:
Of an immortal intimidating past breakout.

About the author

Arti Agarwal

An undergraduate student of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Being a literature enthusiast, I believe there is no other field of human activity where delirious ideas blossom so visibly as in literature. A mere play of words – that’s right up my alley. As a reader, I am amazed by non-fiction because life is just too amazing to make this stuff up.

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